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Friday, September 16, 2005

Finland: Nokia: Mobile Internet to create new business

According to Yrjö Neuvo, Nokia's Senior Vice President and Technology Advisor, bringing the Internet to a mobile environment will lead to the creation of new business models where one actor provides services, another provides content, and a third billing. Neuvo emphasises that the development of digital services requires national cooperation.

According to Neuvo, all future Nokia phone models will have WLAN, and developing the mobile Internet is one of Nokia's most important targets in future. Neuvo believes Nokia will maintain its market leader position for a long time yet, as it is difficult for new companies to enter the sector.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Microsoft fails to block Lee from working for Google

A state judge, ruling in a case that exposed the behind-the-scenes animosity between two high-tech titans, said Tuesday that a former Microsoft Corp. executive will be able to help Google set up a research and development facility in China in the coming months.

King County Superior Court Judge Steven Gonzalez is still barring Kai-Fu Lee from doing work on products, services or projects he worked on at Microsoft, including computer search technology. But while the judge said that a noncompete agreement Lee signed with Microsoft is valid, he said recruiting and staffing a Google center in China would not violate that agreement.

Microsoft sued Lee and Google soon after, contending that Lee's job at Google would violate the terms of a noncompete agreement, which prohibits him from doing similar work for a rival for a year. Microsoft also accused Lee of using insider information to get his job at Mountain View, Calif.-based Google.

The case has illuminated the behind-the-scenes bitterness between Microsoft and Google, which is emerging as a formidable competitor to the Redmond software giant.

Google said it hired Lee to have him create an engineering office in China, but Lee is also an expert in computer recognition of language — an important field for search engines such as Google.

The judge also chided Lee for “assisting Google” while he was still a Microsoft employee. “Dr. Lee confused the difference between the discretion given to him to disclose Microsoft’s confidential information for the benefit of Microsoft and disclosing Microsoft’s confidential information for his own benefit or the benefit of another,” the judge wrote.Enditem

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Nokia Brings Mobile eMail Solution to the Corporate Masses with Nokia Business Center

Helsinki, 13 September, 2005 — New software gives businesses the ability to change where and how people work

Nokia announced the Nokia Business Center, a new software solution enabling collaborative business applications for the mobile world, starting with push email. Nokia Business Center brings mobile email to the corporate masses, changing the economics of mobile email adoption so that employees at all levels can reap the rewards of virtually anytime, anywhere access to their corporate email. Nokia Business Center complements Nokia's existing portfolio of today's popular email solutions available for its business-optimized mobile devices.

Nokia Business Center is designed to expand the universe of potential mobile users by leveraging the broad availability of standard mobile phones and by providing a two-tier client strategy. The standard client will be licensed on an unlimited basis with each Nokia Business Center server. A more richly featured professional client will be available for a minimal upgrade fee. The product is a Java-based solution that can be deployed on any Java MIDPI 2.0-capable phone, once certified by Nokia. Initially, Nokia Business Center will support mobile email over the Nokia 9300 smartphone, Nokia 9500 Communicator, as well as the Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, and Nokia 6682 integrating with Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003, followed shortly by support for Lotus Notes® and Domino®, and an expanded range of Nokia certified devices.

"Company management and IT departments face pressure from all sides when it comes to selecting an appropriate mobile email application, such as being easy to use, easy to integrate with existing infrastructure and cost savings. With Nokia Business Center, these issues are easily addressed to give companies a scalable solution that fits their needs," said Dave Grannan, general manager of Nokia's Enterprise Solutions Mobile Email group. "Nokia Business Center allows users to connect with their corporate email while on the go, and allows businesses to implement strict security measures while delivering mobile applications in a cost-effective manner."

The standard Nokia Business Center client offers the ability to compose, read and delete email, manage local folders, and provides support for working offline, in addition to push-email and state-of-the-art security. The standard client also includes support for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The professional client version offers all the features of the standard version as well as a rich, graphical email experience similar to using desktop email. Other professional client version features include support for handling meeting requests, sorted views, full attachment support, the ability to access any employee's contact information from the company's corporate directory, the ability to search local folders, and more.

"Today's mobile professionals require constant access to their email and corporate networks and ensuring that they have the best capabilities to do this is part of our job," said Jorge Reis, senior vice president of operations at Telstra International. "This latest initiative from Nokia further demonstrates their capability to provide state-of the-art wireless technology applications. Telstra Inc. has a long history of supporting and building solutions for Nokia and we are very pleased to be associated with this latest project."

"Nokia Business Center is an impressive email solution that will allow our enterprise customers to successfully and efficiently provide mobile workers access to their corporate email on a range of mobile devices," said Gustavo Leal, subdirector of Value Added Services at Telcel/Mexico, the leader of mobile telecommunications services in Mexico. "We are currently conducting a market trial of the solution and we are optimistic that Nokia's email solution can open the door for us to grow our base of mobile executives, increase brand loyalty to Telcel, as well as create significant customer savings through quick installation. We are pleased to work hand-in-hand with Nokia, recognized as a global leader in mobility, as they continue expanding their presence in the enterprise space."

"We have selected Nokia Business Center as our mobile email solution because it operates seamlessly with our existing infrastructure," said Duncan Scott, CIO of Sea Containers, a global transportation company. "We also believe that Nokia's platform is a great value and gives us maximum flexibility both now and in the future. In addition, Nokia's known competence in the area of security addresses our strict corporate security requirements covering information stored on devices, back-office systems and transmitted over networks."

For a secure email experience, Nokia Business Center offers a streamlined data transfer path that communicates directly with devices rather than the "store and forward" method used by most mobile email solutions. In addition, Nokia Business Center offers end-to-end encryption of data transport, storage and over-the-air synchronization.

"Nokia has a solid product portfolio that is very compelling," said Gene Signorini, Director Wireless/Mobile Enterprise Solutions for Yankee Group. "Adding a wireless email solution to their name will make their offering really stand out in this market space."

"We selected Nokia Business Center as our mobile email solution for its standards-based approach that supports variety of networks, devices and platforms that, in turn, provide us great value and maximum flexibility now and going forward," said Mark Sollazo, president & CEO for SynerComm. "In addition Nokia's legacy in the security space was the answer to our strict corporate security requirements ranging from the information stored in the device, to the back-office and even for the data traveling over the networks."

Nokia offers a comprehensive service portfolio for Nokia Business Center ranging from Technical Support to Implementation, Professional Services and Technical Training. Nokia's services are available to better serve customers and enable a successful end-to-end enterprise mobile email deployment.

Nokia Business Center can be purchased from select carriers and accredited resellers and will be available in the Americas and EMEA in the fourth quarter of 2005. Pilots will begin in other markets during the fourth quarter.

For features and technical information about Nokia Business Center, please visit

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hu’s Visit to U.S. Full of Unexpected Twists and Turns

As the President of China, the General Secretary of the CCP and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Hu Jintao’s first visit to the US was a long time in the planning, with careful consideration given to every aspect—or so they thought. No one on Hu’s staff was able to predict Hurricane Katrina, who has so rudely dismantled the president’s itinerary, leaving only a shadow of the original tour intact. Many observe that what was meant to be a smooth ride has become full of unexpected twists and turns.

What Is the Nature of Hu’s Visit?

The answer to this question became somewhat of an issue between the Chinese and U.S. governments of late, with representatives from each side engaged in six to eight-month-long negotiations that have yet to yield an agreement.

On August 25, the spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kong Quan, announced that Hu Jintao would be leaving on a visit to the West, including stops in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Hu was set to be gone from the 5th to the 17th of September and had included in his itinerary a stop in New York for the 60th anniversary of the United Nations.

A White House official was quick to point out that Hu’s scheduled visit to Washington DC is “by no means a state visit.” This comment seems to signal a cool reception for the Chinese president, but on the other hand, the White House is still planning a welcome on the south lawn, accompanied by 21-gun salutes. A VIP brunch at the White House will also go ahead as planned, but the banquet and joint press conference were not put into the agenda.
According to a Washington D.C. source, the treatment of Hu Jintao’s visit requested by the Chinese Embassy in the U.S. is extremely fierce and has astonished U.S. officials.

President Hu arrives in Mexico for state visit

Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived Sunday in Mexico City on a state visit to further expand cooperation between China and Mexico.

During his visit, President Hu will exchange views with his Mexican counterpart, Vicente Fox, and other Mexican leaders on bilateral relations and international and regional issues.

The two countries are also expected to sign a number of cooperation documents during Hu's visit.

Since the two countries established diplomatic relations 33 years ago, bilateral relations have developed smoothly and cooperation has yielded fruitful results in various sectors.

Bilateral trade exceeded 7 billion US dollars in 2004, 44 percent higher than the previous year, and China's investment in Mexico has risen to nearly 200 million dollars.

In an interview last month, Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing said that as developing countries, China and Mexico sharemany common interests in safeguarding world peace and promoting common development.

The Chinese president's visit to Mexico will help push forward the bilateral strategic partnership and promote cooperation between China and Latin America as well as the unity and coordination between developing countries, he said.
Hu flew in from Toronto, Canada's largest city, after a three-day visit to Canada. He will leave Mexico City Tuesday for New York to attend the UN summit scheduled for Sept. 14-16.