Bill Zhang

Monday, March 20, 2006

Malaysia: Formula one race last weekend

I traveled to Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia last Friday.My colleagues have arranged the F1 tickets for us.This is my first time for me to watch live formula one race,same as most of my Finnish colleagues. The race started at 15:00PM local time, we heard rumor that the traffic would be problematic because around 100K people will drive to the F1 field almost at the same time. We drove to the field starting at 11:00AM, after we arrived, we walked around, our Finnish colleagues bought few Mclaren T shirts and caps because of Kimi Räikkonen.

Kimi showed up in Mclaren exhibition booth around 13:05PM. There were so many Kimi's supporters that most of my Finnish colleagues did not have chance to see him,even we were waiting for his show up for about one hour. Lickly I took two pictures while he was just entering the booth.

There was so big noise in the live F1 race that no one can watch the race without ear plugs.

As we all know Kimi had bad luck in Kualar Lumpur F1 race,we were so disappointed about that! Anyway, it was a great experience for me! good luck Kimi!